Sunday, 24 September 2017

What Are The Common Types Of Massage Services

Human body is made up of many muscles that support us in our daily activities. These muscles get tired and weak after continuous working. In order to relax them and strengthen these muscles, we use various exercises and diets. Massaging is also one of those techniques that we use to relax our muscles. Massaging means working or acting on various parts of the body through exerting pressure. Usually, massaging is needed for fingers, hands, elbows, knees, forearm, and feet. Nowadays, massage is also recommended for relieving pain and tress in the body.

Singapore is an Island city in Southern Malaysia. The city is famous as a global economic center where people work day and night. People of almost all communities live in this developed city. The city has got a special importance in terms of its climate. Since it is an Island city, it has tropical atmosphere. There is no winter and spring but summer prevails the whole year. There are a lot of massage centers in the city. These massage centers are working day and night to relieve the people from the stress and pains of daily life. Following are the main kinds of massages that are available in Singapore.

1-Swedish Massage
Swedish massage is always the first preference of the people in Singapore. This massage involves long and sequential strokes, circular motions, and kneading to relax the body of the pain. This massage is also best known for improving the circulation of the blood in the body. There are many massage centers in Singapore that offer this kind of massage.

2-Deep Tissue Massage
Deep Tissue massage needs more pressure on muscles as compared to Swedish massage. This is because this massage has to reach the internal tissues and give a greater degree of relaxation. Intensive kneading is required for this massage because it is recommended to relieve the tension and better the movement of the muscles. Singaporeans like this kind of massaging because it relieves the tensions created in mind due to some economical crisis.

3-Hot Stone Massage
Singapore is also one of the modern cities of the world. People here do not only rely on massaging with mere hands, but also like new techniques. One of these new techniques is putting hot stones on the muscles. This warms the muscles and relieves the pain. Science has also proved that hot stones improve blood circulation than all other massages.

4-Sports Massage
As the name suggests, sports massaging involves relaxing the aches that are caused by rapid motions and collisions. This kind of massage helps them recover from the injury quickly. Furthermore, it also boosts the mind of the players and improves their performance in games.

5-Shaitsu Massage
Another kind of massage that is much liked in Singapore is the Japanese style massaging. This massage relieves any blockages in the body. These blockages do not allow the energy to flow freely in the body. The massagers use hands, elbows, knees, and even the feet to relax the joint muscles and limbs. This massage is also recommended because it produces oxytocin in the body.

6-Trigger Point Massage
If you are suffering from pain in some specific area of the body, trigger point massage is recommended. This massaging is available at all massage centers in Singapore. The massager triggers deep the muscles with a lot of pressure.

7-Couple Massage
Another very commonly used kind of massage is the couple massage. As Singapore is the economic hub, many people live here with their families. If you want to enjoy the couple massage, you can go to the massage center that offers couple massage. Here, the massager massages two persons at one and the same time laying them side by side.

8-Eating Massage
This is one of the modern kinds of massages. The massager has to work on your body to relieve you of the pain and stress. He asks you to follow some schedule of eating before starting massage course. This massaging is also referred to as eating massage because here the eating habits are also under the control of the massager. Singaporeans eat different kinds of food to enjoy themselves. Here, the eating massage is recommended if you want to gain the real advantage of it.

9-Prenatal Massage
This kind of massaging is especially for the women with pregnancy. There are many such pregnancy cases where the mother is suffering from certain pains. This massaging is recommended to be taken by some lady massager because she better understands the complexities of the pregnancy.

10-Thai Massage
This massaging is also commonly found in Singapore. This massage is also known as Yoga Massage because it involves the complex stretches of the body which otherwise seem impossible. Here, a lot of pressure is exerted on the back muscles of the body.

Benefits of Massaging

Human Beings have been doing different things to ease their bodies and mind. Massaging is also one of those practices that have proved beneficial in relaxing the body. Following are some of the surprising benefits of massaging.

A-Counteracts All Sitting
All the human beings sit for some considerable time to earn their livings. Whether you are working in an office or running a business, you have to sit for much time. This extraordinary sitting puts a lot of strain on your muscles. The massaging relaxes all these tired muscles and refreshes these for next sitting. It relaxes your shoulders, limbs, feet, arms, and abdomen. There are various kinds of massages to relax different muscles.

B-Reduces Muscles Pain
Another benefit of massaging that is widely recognized is the relaxation in muscles pain. Almost, all types of massages relieve muscles pain and ease the muscles. The productivity of the people increases as a result of massaging.

C-Controls Anxiety and Depression
The doctors also recommend massaging to control depression and anxiety. The massaging relaxes tissues and improves the blood circulation. This improved blood circulation soothes the anxiety and reduces the depression.

D-Increases Immunity
Human body has a natural immunity system against many diseases. Regular massaging strengthens the immune system in the body and lowers the chances of diseases. It is medically proved fact that massaging boosts the white blood cells that fight against diseases.

E-Improves Sleep
Last but not least, massaging improves the sleep and prolongs the sleep duration. It is also a proved fact that a healthy and relaxed body needs much sleep. Massaging improves the blood circulation and this improved blood circulation also improves the sleep.

Massage Menses

Menstrual cycle is a natural process taking place in women. The women suffer a lot of abdomen pain during their menses. Sometimes, this pain becomes too much acute to be borne. In such cases, massage menses are recommended to relieve this pain. It lowers the pain in hip and abdomen area of the body. Actually, the pain in such cases is due to obstruction of the blood. The massage smoothes the blood circulation of the body and relieves the pain.