Thursday, 24 August 2017

Pre-Natal Massage And Its Benefits

Prenatal massage is comparable to regular massage but targets to soothe sore spots and relax tense muscles. During pregnancy, the body of a woman is working at its optimum; therefore, it needs the power of touch to relax. Remember this is the time when you must carry your growing baby, and this can cause leg muscles to swell and
even tense. Prenatal massage is the surest way of easing the various discomforts of pregnancy. It can be customized to suit the needs of any pregnant woman and their changing bodies. The benefits of this massage go beyond just making you feel good. Some of the undeniable benefits that come along with this massage include;

• It alleviates pain and aches
Several studies have shown that prenatal massage helps in reducing pain and aches. When you are carrying your baby, your muscles, ligaments, and tendons tend to overstretch and strain thus causing intense pain. This pain can inflame the surrounding nerves leading to sciatic nerve pain. However, applying a little pressure to those muscle groups can help to reduce swelling and also stimulates the flow of blood in the entire body. As a result, the swelling in the legs is dramatically reduced. Additionally, having regular prenatal massage can reduce your pain perception during labor and even delivery. In fact, studies have shown that women who go through this massage often experience short labors. This translates to reduced cases of premature birth. Therefore, if you want to experience short and less painful labor, then try this massage.

• Reduces stress and elevates your mood
Further, research has also shown that the massage has an impact on your stress hormone or cortisol. Studies reveal that the massage increases the levels of feel-good-hormones, i.e., serotonin and dopamine. These hormonal changes brought by this massage reduces complications when giving birth. Again, if you are depressed, this massage can elevate your mood. According to the study carried out by Touch Research Institute, it is advisable to go for a 20-minute massage two times a week for an elevated mood and reduced anxiety.

• It reduces fatigue
Backaches, leg cramps, and edema are common during pregnancy and can make you look tired. However, having proper prenatal care through massage can help reduce fatigue. The improved circulation of oxygen and blood helps in re-energizing your body thus eliminating the feeling of tiredness.

• Alleviates headaches 
When focused on the head, neck and around the shoulders, prenatal massage can help to reduce stress and eliminate migraines and tension. These migraines often cause serious headaches that can lead to stress.

• Reduced swelling and joint pain
The stress resulting from the weight of your growing baby often exert a lot of pressure on the joints at the knees, ankles and even lower back. This can cause a lot of
discomforts and can even make your day to day living unbearable. In fact, it can make your legs swell. Prenatal massage encourages blood flow to the afflicted areas thus eliminating swelling and joint pain. You should let your therapist know these areas so that they can help you.

• Improves sleep and reduces insomnia
Do you find it arduous to fall asleep? Pregnancy massage is the secret to a peaceful night sleep for any expectant mother. Most women experience insomnia, especially
during their third trimester. This is often caused by physical discomfort, anxiety and emotional stress. Others have resorted to using sleep aids which may not be safe for you during pregnancy. Pregnancy massage can help you rid sleeplessness naturally. In fact, it makes you feel entirely relaxed, and you can sleep peacefully.

What do you need to consider before going for a prenatal massage?

Although you’ll find relief and comfort in any massage therapist, it is vital for you to choose a therapist that meets your individual needs and those of your baby. Below are the factors you should have in mind.

• Pick a therapist who is experienced in the anatomy of expectant mothers
Choose someone who is specially trained in providing prenatal care. This is someone who is excited to support both your health and that of your baby. Again, you’ll need to make sure he/she understands your lifestyle. This will help them adjust their treatments to meet your body needs. Do your research to select someone who is certified in providing prenatal massage.

• Get recommendations from your doctor, friends or relatives
In case you have a favorite massage therapist, consider interviewing them to know if they can offer prenatal massage as well. In case they can’t, try finding recommendations from friends, relatives or even your doctor. They can recommend someone who can do it well for you. However, remember that requirements do vary from one state to another. Similarly, the areas of your body need to be treated differently, and your therapist must have it in mind.

• Interview your therapist
As pregnancy progresses, you may want to go for frequent massages. You can decide it weekly or bi-monthly depending on your needs and wellness. This means your therapist should be available at all times to help you. Consider asking them as many questions as you can to ensure that their service befits your needs. In case your therapist doesn’t seem to understand you, try another.

What is the average cost of prenatal massage?

The cost does vary from one therapist to another and where you are located. However, the average cost lies anywhere between $60 and $150. You can also consider asking
your therapist whether there are any additional costs before going for the massage.

Are there any prenatal massage techniques?

This type of massage is different from the traditional types. Apart from your therapist
being equipped with the right materials such as bolsters or pillows, additional care must be taken for your comfort and the safety of your baby. In case you experience any discomfort or pain, you should let your therapist know. There are several massage techniques but will depend on the stage of your pregnancy. Some of the common techniques are Swedish and reflexology. However, be sure to pick the one that is safe to you.


Proper prenatal care is essential for happy and comfortable pregnancy. Pregnancy massage is recommended to any expectant mother not only for their benefits but the safety of the unborn. Though it comes with enormous benefits, proper care must be taken.