Wednesday, 12 October 2016

The Importance Of Post Natal Massage

Post Natal Massage is equally important as getting a massage during pregnancy. It is an effective way of helping the body recover from the various changes it has experienced. Massage therapy uses a natural and holistic approach. Typically, massages are done to provide stress relief, pain relief, relaxation and other health benefits. After giving birth, it is common for mothers not to have enough time to look after themselves because they put much focus on their newborn baby.

Most mothers also experience body pain after giving birth. It is very common to gain weight post pregnancy. It is usually difficult to get rid of the excess body fat without doing strenuous exercises. There are plenty of post natal massage benefits which are effective in providing improved healing and recovery.

This includes the regulation of hormone production, reduced swelling, improved breastfeeding and getting better sleep. Advanced post natal massage techniques also aids in helping the body get back to its pre-pregnancy condition. It speeds up the healing process and assists in C-section recovery.

• Stress Reduction and Relaxation

Massage is popularly known for relaxing the muscles, increasing blood circulation and decreasing stress hormones. As a result, the body experiences stress reduction and relaxation. After nine months of carrying a baby inside the womb, a mother's body system requires proper treatment. The great thing about post natal massage is that you have a choice between getting a light pampering session or getting a deeper technique done. Post natal massage is also effective in lowering down depression and anxiety levels. Due to hormonal changes in the body, approximately two thirds of new moms undergo temporary postpartum symptoms. This is due to having new responsibilities. Massage is a great way to help the body prepare for this transition. Postpartum depression is a serious and long lasting condition which affects 10% to 15% of new mothers. Studies have proven that massage is beneficial for treating this condition.

• Provides Pain Relief

It is normal to experience residual body pain after pregnancy. When child care and breastfeeding is added to a mother's daily routine, it increases shoulder, back and arm pain. The best thing about post natal massage is that it uses a holistic approach which doesn't require any medication. It effectively relaxes the muscles and provides relief from pain. Having a skilled therapist perform the massage will also resolve numbness which is very common during post pregnancy. Chronic pain usually requires multiple sessions to achieve optimum results.

• Balances Hormone Levels

Getting a post natal massage is an amazing way to restore hormonal balance. During pregnancy, progesterone and estrogen levels become very high. After that, these levels decrease exponentially during delivery. Oxytocin and prolactin hormone levels are increased to facilitate breastfeeding. Studies have proven that getting regular post natal massages effectively reduces cortisol levels which is a stress hormone. The use of essential oils also promotes mood improvement and hormone balance. Serotonin and dopamine are naturally occurring chemicals associated with depression. Massage is very effective in decreasing their levels and also gets rid of cardiovascular problems.

• Decreases Swelling

After pregnancy, body fluids should be able to find the proper balance. This is because during pregnancy it is increased by up to 50% in fluid volume. Post natal massage increases lymphatic drainage and circulation. It is effective in facilitating the elimination of waste products and excess body fluids. Studies have also proven that massage assists in tissue stimulation which helps the body shift water into the correct places. Since hormones go through major changes after pregnancy, swelling is very common. Because massage is effective in balancing hormone regulation, it can also decrease swelling.

• Improves Sleep

After labor and delivery as well as taking care of the newborn baby, mothers usually feel extremely exhausted. Post natal massage helps provide comfort by promoting relaxation, easing fatigue and assisting with sleep. Studies have proven that regular massage therapy increases delta brain waves which are related to getting a deep sleep. This is the main reason why most people who get massages fall asleep during the session. As a mother who has just delivered a baby, the required amount of sleep is essential to help the body restore its strength. When a mother is able to get enough rest and relaxation, she will be able to recover much faster. Studies have also shown that getting the required amount of sleep helps in losing the excess fat in the stomach.

• Boosts Milk Production

Although breastfeeding is highly preferred by health professionals, it can also be challenging for new mothers. Post natal massage increases blood circulation, provides relaxation and increases milk production. Prolactin is a lactation hormone which is increased with regular massage therapy. When the chest muscles feel relaxed, it opens the shoulders and results in improved lactation. Recent studies have shown that getting a breast massage greatly decreases breast pain which is very common during post pregnancy. It is also known to decrease sodium levels in breast milk which encourages the newborn to feed from his mother.

• Eliminates Stretch Marks

After pregnancy, new mothers usually develop stretch marks in different parts of their body. It is a condition which is caused by the overstretching of the skin and appears like discolored lines. It usually looks reddish brown, pink, purple or red in color. It is usually found in the breasts, thighs, buttocks and abdomen. Generally, they are long and thin which slowly fades into a silvery white color. It happens because of the sudden stretching of the skin caused by pregnancy. The upper layers of the skin break which makes the inner layers visible. Tension in the skin occurs because of weight gain. Essential oils are used to help aid in getting rid of stretch marks.

They are made out of all natural ingredients so they do not contain any harmful chemicals. There are plenty of essential oils which are effective in eliminating stretch marks. This includes Lavender, Sage, Grape Seed, Castor, Patchouli, Neroli, Helychrysum, and Rosehip. Pure cocoa butter and Vitamin E as well as pure emu oil also delivers excellent results.