Sunday, 3 July 2016

Can We Drink Alcohol and Massage at the Same Time?

There are so many queries regarding alcohol consumption during massages. People are confused about its effects. There is loads of website where it is okay to drink alcohol at the time of massage. But we are not in the favour of this process as we found numerous disadvantages of doing it. Let us bring those factors to our entire viewers. Go through the article below to have a complete idea about the given topic. 

What is massaging all about?

Massaging is a therapy which keeps a human body and soul relaxed. Massage has loads of beneficial factors for all human health. But some practices can even damage the whole massaging procedure and consume alcohol is one of them.

Do you know what massage does to the human body? If the answer is NO then look below to get a full idea.

• The most beneficial power of massaging is that it is capable of stimulating the whole body by putting an effect on the physical and mental conditions.

• It helps in increasing the blood circulation motion in the body by removing the toxins and the disperse wastage with metabolic nutrients.

• If you are suffering from hormonal disorder then massaging can do a great help by normalizing and stabilizing the hormonal growth and reproduction.

• Massaging can lower the amount of blood pressure and this is very helpful for all human beings.
• It augments the activity of the kidney and liver to a great extent by pressuring particular points in a human health.

As this has so many features related to the human health, it contains the ability to augment the alcohol effect in the human body as well.

What is Alcohol? 

Alcohol is nothing but an addictive yet intoxicating element which forces us to have this regularly. This is considered as one of the drugs and available in many forms in all over the world. WHO addressed is as health hazardous and millions of diseases are happening every day owing to excessive consumption of alcohol. Do you have any idea how troublesome alcohol is for the human health? Read below to have a complete idea.

How alcohol affects the human health?

There are many points to discuss but we specifically selected the most bothersome one here.

• One of the most horrifying effects of alcohol is that it very much dehydrates the whole body in no time. If a person consumes the alcohol, the inner digestive system wants to eliminate this from the body and start using kidneys as an exclusion way. Daily consumption not only harms the cells but is able to make things go severe.

• Alcohol is a great desensitizer as it stops one person to offer proper feedbacks. If he is under the power of alcohol, he might not able to recognize anything and this proves fatal for every human being.

• Alcohol can make one person really excited and augment the impulsivity. It also reduces the control over the impulse by impairing the judgement.

• Alcohol has an immense effect on the particular portion of the brain which is the prefrontal cortex area. All the decisions are made here and every rational thought is counted. But after drinking alcohol, the portion can get depressed ad one might act aggressively in front of the world.

• Alcohol reduces power burning up in the part of the cerebellum. The cerebellum is accountable for domineering the human body’s motor movement and in general bodily harmonization.

Why alcohol and massaging can never be a good combination?

We hope that all the factors regarding massaging and alcohol is clear to you. Now let us put up the main topic in front of you why we are advising you to not to try alcohol while massaging.

• A glass of champagne and body massaging can work perfectly together. Champagne can seem little as compared to quantity but that is enough to make one drowsy. Though, each one of those does contain disadvantageous effects on the corpse and psyche and those effects might be compounded jointly.

• Nothing is better if that is excessive. The same thing is happening here as if one consumes more than the quantity of alcohol he can handle then you might wind up sensing, extremely awful throughout and after the time of massage. That is why we are suggesting people to avoid any types of alcohol on the day of your massage for the betterment of you only.

• AS we have mentioned earlier about how alcohol can force a person to lose all his senses. Suppose you are on a parlour and having your weekly massage and you start to gulp down beer. The soothing effect of massaging will soon snatch your senses and you would be out of your consciousness. At that point of time, you can’t even get the pressure of massaging and can’t refute back to anything wrong. It has the ability to impede a person wholly and puts huge impacts on other several physical circumstances.

• Anybody who goes through a relaxing massage discerns that for a short time after the massaging the recipient might be a slightly shaky, maybe even woozy. A human being will surely drive back to his home after getting a rubdown in addition to gulping a wineglass of beer or champagne can extremely well be a hazard to that particular person or others. It might also price you your certificate to exercise.
What can be the ultimate solution?

There is nothing like any permanent solution to this problem and all you need to do is to avoid alcohol for only a day. The most prominent reason is its dehydrating nature and adding more alcohol or caffeine can only make the problem worse. But if staying away from alcohol is tough then choose to drink it after getting the massage.

Drinking lots of water is the only way out. It is always advised to drink plenty of water before leaving for any massage. But if you have a plan of consuming alcohol then drink water more and more to defend your body from getting dehydrated. If you don’t follow this then you might be in the hangover phase and this will no doubt harm your body to a great extent.