Friday, 27 May 2016

Can Massage Cure Sprained Ankle Or Wrist?

One can experience pain in the foot and wrist due to many reasons. The reason might be normal, but sometimes the pain becomes unbearable and you look for immediate help to get rid of that sprain. Usually, people prefer to cure sprained ankle with home remedies instead of seeking any medical help. The good thing is that many proven home remedies are available to cure sprain and to provide instant relief such as acupressure, rest, compression, elevation, and massage.

Among all these home remedies, massage and acupressure are considered helpful as they offer relief from the pain and gradually help to get rid of that pain completely. Many massage techniques are used to cure sprain or ankle pain. To get the benefit of these techniques, you should know the proper method of massage therapy. Before going to the details of massage techniques, first you should know what ankle pain is.

What is sprain or ankle pain?

Sprains are minor injuries that you can get during regular activities such as exercise, sports, climbing the stair or at the time of any physical activity. This is normal and all people experience sprain more than once in their lifetime. A sprain is an injury to the ligament. This tissue joints the bones and any damage in this tissue can be the reason of severe and unbearable pain. It usually affects ankle, knee, wrist, or elbow. Though this is not known as any harmful injury, but if you will not take care of it in the initial period it might create complications or you might need medical help to get rid of it. It is always suggested to cure sprains with some available home remedies at first as they work best and reduce your pain in a couple of minutes.

How to get rid of the sprain

There are multiple remedies to cure sprain. Some of the proven home remedies are the application of ice tubes or massage the affected area with some recommended oils. You can also use acupressure to get immediate relief. A sprain is very normal and you can get rid of this pain completely within a couple of days without visiting any physician. But the important thing is that you should know the proper massage method or home remedies to get the benefits. There are multiple techniques that require less time and effort. You should have the right knowledge; otherwise, it can damage the tissue and can make the situation worse rather than resolving the problem. You can apply any of home remedies with proper knowledge and massage is one of them.

How does massage help to get rid of sprain

Massage is very effective on sprains. It is a proven method. People have been using this method since ancient times to get rid of sprain and its unbearable pains. You should not be harsh to your sprain. Always go for a gentle massage that can reduce your pain in a couple of minutes. If you will put more pressure, obviously it will damage the tissue and will create more complications for you and in some cases; you might need medical help to cure your sprain. Start the massage gently on the affected area. You can also use some oil to get relief from the pain. Even the medical science prefers massage therapy for the sprain treatment instead of advising any medicine. It will be good if you get the help of massage professionals as they understand the situation in a better way and they can help you to get rid of your intolerable pain in no time. Massage is effective in many ways. It cures your sprain, relieves your tension, and helps to drain away blood and fluid. These two are the main causes of pain and swelling.

Which messages are considered more effective?

Any gentle massage can help you to get rid of pain and to reduce the swelling. As mentioned above, make sure that you are just simply massaging the affected area instead of putting any pressure. Massage can resolve multiple problems. First of all, it helps to cure both pain and swelling, make you feel great and amazing, and it will increase your blood flow. Though professional massage is always recommended, but in a case of unavailability, you can go for a self- massage. Self-massage can also help you in a great way. While massaging the affected area, focus more on the movements pushing upwards rather than any downward movement. You can use some pain relief oil such as grapefruit seed oil, or garlic oil to get instant relief from the pain. There are different techniques of massages. Some of the more effective ways are given below.

• Ice massage
This is a well-known technique. Even the medical professionals recommended ice massage to cure sprain and swelling. You can simply massage the area with ice packs for ten to fifteen minutes immediately after experiencing any strain and pain. Ice massage is helpful to reduce swelling and pain. If you want to get better results then make ice of full paper cup water and slowly massage it on the affected area and allow the paper to melt while massaging that can offer you immediate help from the pain.

• Massage with oil
You can gently massage the swollen area with some oils such as garlic oil, olive oil, camphor oil, turpentine oil, or sunflower oil. All the above oils have a great healing power. They will not only help you to get relief from the swelling and pain, they can strengthen the muscles and return them to a normal position.

• Cross friction massage 
You should not use any oil for cross friction massage. This is a simple procedure. You can do this massage on the affected area in a stretched position. Apply pressure with a single finger and massage deeply forwards and backwards. You should feel the ligament beneath your skin. This massage treatment is a bit painful, but you can get the relief within five to ten minutes.

Massage treatment is helpful to cure sprained ankle or wrist. But you should not overdo it and should not continue it if you experience any severe pain and discomfort while and after practicing this method.